Endless loading/spinner on the checkout page

I have problems with woo commerce, at the checkout page i’m having an endless loading/spinner. I have seem on the support side other theme’s has the same problem. It’s at the point when I want to go for payment. But I can’t find the solution. Please Help.

Can you share a link to your page please?

Hello Vlad,
I have added this to the StyleSheet and the problem was solved.

.blockOverlay {
display: none !important;

I can Change it Back if you want to see what is happening

I assume that class comes from a plugin, it’s not present in the theme itself. Happy to hear you managed to resolve it.

Hi Vlad,

This is not coming from a plugin, my webmaster created this workaround. I will create a screenshot, because this problem came after the installation of the Talon theme. Before it was working fine.

Here a screenshot what happen without the workaround.

No I meant the theme doesn’t introduce that class. Could be a conflict with something. Do you have some WC extensions?
Could you disable your caching plugin for a bit so I can check more properly?

Caching (WP Super Cache)has been switched off, the style heet change has been deleted.
I have the following plugin’s for Woocommerce:
Mollie Payments for Woocommerce
Woocommerce (nl) (alternative)
Woocommerce EU VAT Compliance (free)
Woocommerce PDF Invoice
Woocommerce Table Rate Shopping by Mangohour

All are in the newest version including Woocommerce 2.6.8

And Fast velocity minify please. That one is concatenating the assets and serving them. I’d like to see if it disabling it fixes the issue, if not there’s probably a conflict between Talon and one of the extensions.

Fast Velocity Minify has been switchoff

Okay, thanks. I’ll investigate further and update the theme once the issue is handled.
If you want you can try disabling those extensions one by one.

I have already tried to dis-able all these plugin’s, this without effect.

Seems to work fine on the demo site: http://demo.athemes.com/talon/checkout/

Those spinners show up on the cart page (if I update the cart) but disappear after it’s done working.

Indeed, there it’s looking fine. That why I don’t understand why it’s on my site not working. I have checked all kinds of configurations.

Could be a setting (we have the default settings on the demo site) or maybe conflict with some other, non-WC, plugin.

At the end of this month I start with a clean installation on a new sever, so perhaps then this error will be gone. For now I will work with the workaround. THX for the help.