Emplyoee page Editing

Hi, I’m new to Wordpress and I’ve chosen Sydney for my first theme, love it by the way!! What I’m trying do is probably really simple but I can’t figure. All I want to do is recreate the employee page layout from the demo. and i created but there is something wrong.and i want my page exactly same like http://demo.athemes.com/sydney/employees/

i want to remove those navigation dots in the bottom

Any help appreciated

Hello there,

Someone asked about this already a few month ago. Please try to follow this solution. Let me know if further questions come up.


hello there,

i tried this code by TS custom java script. but its not changing anything. its still there.

i want to remove those dots showing in down. please help me

If site cache has been applied, you should flush it.


Please share a link to your site to allow me inspect and troubleshoot it.