Hey folks,

been recently using your theme and loving it so far, lets jump to my question:

What happened to the employee widget? I see that you have changed it so that it will display three items at once and start using a slider when the list comes to four or more due to frequent request and it’s great that we have that option now.
But somehow this seems to have screwed with the alingment of the items inside the widget. Post update even a single employee is aligned to the left and I am unable to change that. Am I missing some option or was this unintended? I’d like to present a single person as an employee centered as in the old demo.

thx in advance, keep up the good work


Actually, the whole point was for it to display three items at the same time. I didn’t realized this wasn’t happening on screens with high resolution until people told me. So just one employee at a time on large screens was there by mistake.
Post your like please, perhaps I’ll understand better exactly what bothers you. And let me know your screen size please.

What is the solution for that problem?