Employees Style

Hey guys,

can you help me changing the employees images to a circle?

i would like to change the underline of my headings that there is only one stripe, not 2. Can you tell me how?

Much thanks

Hi Suke,

Here is the css code that you needed:

.employee-photo, .employee-photo img {
    border-radius: 150px;

section .widget-title:after {
    border-bottom-style: solid;

Thank you very much for your assistance Awan :slight_smile:

I have a another question Awan,
if the employee images are less than 200px the pictures arent centered anymore, can you tell me how to fix that?

it’s working fine with the underline, but it doesnt work with the social media section. is there a different code needed?

Hi, you can use these code instead:

.employee-photo, .employee-photo img {
    border-radius: 150px;
    width: 100%;

but, its recommended if you have the correct dimension for the image. 315px x 315px would be better

Thx Awan

How I can add a description to the part of employees because only get the title!