"employees" "services" don't appear anymore

Hi everybody,


I have a small problem with the theme Moesia, maybe due to updates.
All “employee” and “service” items no longer appear on my site. Before, that worked very well. The configuration on the admin seems to me correct. I do not know how to fix this problem. Can you help me?
Here is a page of my site: http://agency3hunters.com/vendre-bien-immobilier
And here are screenshots that the corresponding admin page: http://agency3hunters.com/forum-help

Thanks for your help.


Hello Eric,

You can try to temporarily deactivate all your plugins except Toolset Types and Page Builder by SiteOrigin, and see if it helps.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman,


I disabled everything, and I reactivated the plugins one by one.
When I reactivate Polylang, it does not work anymore!
My site is in 4 languages. What can we do now?

Thank you!

Hello Eric,

I’ve just tried to activate Polylang on my local Moesia install and I still saw employees and services.

You can try to rebuild your website in a staging environment or locally and see if it works as it should (then you will be able to move rebuilt website to production environment). Please remember about importance of regular full site backups (files and database):

Here are helpful tutorials:

Also you might want to check this page (if you haven’t done it already):

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman,
Thank you for your help.
I have used “using polylang i some of our themes” and 2 options were not selected !!
Now the problem is fixed.
I have another problem. I open another topic.
My best

You are welcome Eric!

Kind Regards, Roman.