Employees pics issues

Hello folks,

I am experiencing an issue with employee´s profile pictures.

For whatever reason, they are showing in different sizes and most of them do not appear fully (as shown in picture)

Could you please help me?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Dear Tologne,

Thank you for letting us know about it.

Could you confirm if those original images dimensions are equal or bigger than 550px x 400px?


As information, the employee’s image size is controlled in the following line in functions.php file.

add_image_size('sydney-medium-thumb', 550, 400, true);

It means that the images smaller than 550px x 400px won’t be resized.


Hi Kharis,

I have recently downloaded Sydney theme and customized it for my website.
I am currently facing an issue with the header slide section.
The header slider section images for the front page is taking nearly 30 seconds to get displayed but the header slider texts are appearing quich without any issues.I even tried it using 1 image slider, even that took 30 seconds to get displayed on the screen.
Can you please help me fis this issue.??


concerning Employee pics…
How do I display more then 3 pictures

Dear @Saba,

Thank you for letting us know about it. I thought it is considered as normal as image naturally won’t be loaded faster than text; image has bigger file size.

> Can you please help me fis this issue.??

Apologies, it’s not an easy task. I can’t sort it out. :frowning:

There might be a freelancer at Codeable.io could help.


Dear @dgrylas,

I thought I’ve answered it here. If it was an answer you are looking for, feel free to compose a new topic. I’d be glad to assist you from there.