Employees names links


I set up the employees area as Owners. Please look. I also have many owners so I wanted to make an areas list so I names each employee an area and than linked the employee name (area) to another page for the owners to show, but the employee name links are not working.

also is there a way to make the employees names (areas on mine) all show on the same page compared to scroll to the right to get more than 3 per page?

thanks for all your help! This is truly a great system.

Check the links you’ve added. They’re working fine on our end, you can check our demo page - first employee has a link.


How do i check your demo page?


the employee name link will not work unless there is a featured imaged linked

on the demo how did you get the employees to have two rows of 3 with different people?

What do you mean? There is just one row, just like on your site.

when you click on the employees menu link it shows all employees on the same page in a blocked formation.

also can the testimonial names and emails be links?

It would be faster for both you and me if you took some time to give more details when you ask a question :wink:
That’s the employees archive, you have it here: http://thepatentself.net/employees

No, sorry, not at the moment.

can i edit the employees archive page? if so, where do i go to edit it?