Employees List

Hi! first of all thanks for this amazing theme.

My question is: is it possible to create an Employees’ list collapsing the details of each employee and then make them popping out again by tapping/clicking on each one?


Hello there,

There is no option to show / hide the employee details by clicking/tapping the employee’s photo. But you can ask codeable for full support and make it possible.


Thanks for your answer. I’ve got another problem. How could I change the color of the box in the link below? I want to change it from white to black in order to match the background. I want to center it too. Thanks.



Here is the code you are needed.

  • centering the content:
.single .content-area {
    margin: auto;
    float: none;
  • change the background of the content:
.single .employees.hentry {
    background-color: black;

you can put the css code above using simple custom css or in your child theme