Employees Link in Image

Hi there! As I said in some other post, I reallyh love Moesia pro, but I miss some functionalities.

In Employees widget is there any way to add a link IN THE IMAGE? (I Know we have the Facebook, linkedin… links) But id really like to have simple link in the image of the employees, I think it’s more clear for the users. Just click in the image, and go to the link.

Thanks in advance for all

That’s not possible at the moment but I made a note and it will be possible in the next theme version. If you have any other requirements feel free to send your list to vlad[at]athemes.com and they’ll be added to the theme as long as they’re possible and make sense for all users.

Yeah, Vlad, please make the employee image clickable.

I created a page for the employee’s bio, e.g. http://sarvaiya.net/dr-swami/ but there is no way for me to make his thumbnail in the Employees widget, e.g. http://sarvaiya.net (scroll down to the employees slider) be clickable such that the click leads to his employee detailed profile.

This is not in the most updated version of the theme.

Was this included in the latest update of Sydney Pro? If so, how do we activate it? If not, will it be implemented soon?