Employees Layout and Sidbar



2Questions about the employees:

  • I just have 2 employees an therefor I want to put them in the center. So far they stick on the left side (see http://looptheglobe.de/?page_id=201)
  • how can I use the Employees widget on a side with sidebar so that the content does not get overwritten by the sidebar?

Many thanks for your help!



There is no need to center them if you want to use them on a page with sidebar. Simply add this to your custom CSS plugin:

.employees-area .container {
    width: 100%;
.employee {
    width: 50%;

And change that page to the default template so you can use the sidebar.

Let me know if it doesn’t produce the expected results.


Thanks it worked. The sidebar seems to be to big. How can I adjust the width of the sidebar?
Thank you!


Not sure what you mean, the sidebar is the correct size and it’s the same throughout the site.

If you want to change the default sidebar size you can use this:

.widget-area {
   width: 360px;

And change 360px to the size you want.


Great. This is the information i needed. Thx!


I did the adjustment of the default sidebar but now I have a huge space between the textfield in the body and the sidebar. How can I extend the text/body area?


You can add this:

.content-area {
   width: 750px;
@media only screen and (max-width: 1199px) {
   .content-area {
      width: 550px;

Those are the default values for large size screens and for smaller sizes. You would basically need to add to them the amount you subtracted from your sidebar. Make sure to resize your browser to check if you’ve added it right.


How do I order the employees?
I need to have the more senior people in the first row and
ordered by their work.

Where do I change the font color for employees?

— I just figured out that the order is in reverse of the time the record is generated. Which means the latest addition to the team gets listed first. —

Thank you



You can also change the post date for your employees if you need to change the order further.

Colors for the employees are in Customizer > Front Page Colors > Employees section.


Thank you - I managed to re-order and I figured out the colors.

For the length: How can I avoid ugly holes without having to tweak every bio to the same length?


There’s not much you can do other than remove the background for each employee. You would need to add this to a custom CSS plugin:

.employee {
   background-color: transparent;
   border: 0;