Employees featured image vertical/horizontal problem


I’m making site using sydney pro, and found problem: I have few pages with different instrument teachers (vocal, piano, drums etc.), and when I add featured image sometimes images are being showed as vertical/portrait and sometimes as horizontal/landscape. Please look here:

http://krakow.smileflow.pl/lekcje/gry-na-pianinie/ - here are four teachers and photos of two of them are vertical, and two photos are horizontal. I tried to change size of photos in gimp, tried to crop them so that they will be vertical (with for example height twice as much as width), but they still show up as horizontal.

http://krakow.smileflow.pl/lekcje/gry-na-perkusji/ - here one photo is hirozintal, one is vertical, and this first one and this first one was automatically cropped in the upper part, while on piano teachers page you can see that horizontal photos are aligned higher, I don’t know how to exactly say this, but they are higher with blank space below them, while on drums teacher page the guy on the left has blank space above him.

I’d like to have all of my photos in vertical/portrait mode because then it’s possible to show instrument, not only face. Is that possible, and how to do that?


Hello Richard,

You can try to do the following. Install Simple Image Sizes plugin, change medium-thumb size accordingly to your needs in Dashboard → Settings → Media section, select medium-thumb size in Select which thumbnails you want to rebuild list, click Regenerate Thumbnails button, save your changes, and see if it helps. Also I noticed that you have too little images (in terms of resolution), so they can’t be cropped to specified size.

Kind Regards, Roman.