Employees - display like in the video


First of all, great theme, I’m enjoying it very much!

Just one question - I would like to make the employees widget work like it does in this tutorial video you posted:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=106&v=ehpqCY2QoR0, at 01:45. There are 3 in a row, with a scroller for the fourth. This is exactly how I would like it to look, and I follow every step, but it keeps setting it up as one person per page, you have to slide for every person.

Could you please point me to the settings for this? Thank you very much.


There are no settings. Can you show me your page please?

Unfortunately no, I am developing it locally, but here is a screenshot, though I doubt it will help?


How do you see it here? What’s your screen resolution please?

I see one person per page, resolution 1920 x 1080.

Hi all,
I’ve got the same problem, I would like to put a row with 3 employees in the website I’m working on.

Currently the breaking point (on my website at least) are:

0-537 px 1 image
538-869 px 2 image
870-1254 px 3 image
1254-dunno px back to 1 image with the huge overlay that isn’t a square but a rectangular shape.

I couldn’t find a way to remove the last breaking point, because, IMHO, it is quite ugly.

Once again, thanks for the very beautiful theme for free.


Hi, there is a temporary css fix i have found you can give it a try
please use this plugin for add following custom css code to your theme.

.owl-item {
  width: 370px!important;

.owl-carousel { 
 width: 1051px!important;


it will break your employees widget’s responsiveness and will show 3 boxes for all resolutions.

Let me know if its fixed.

This will be fixed in the next version which should come out in about 2 days. It’s just a minor change in one of the JS files in case somebody needs to know how to do it until then.

Awesome guys, thanks for the replyes. I’ve tried Oren way, but then it breaks a little on mobile, so I’m gonna wait for the next update.