Employees Display Issue

The page I’m referring to is the Home page of www.alexkingsley.me.uk

I have set up 3 employees and added their photos on their respective Featured Images.

I have also set up a block on the Home page to display each employee and the block has a green background colour. However, although the photos display there is a white block of colour behind each image and not the green background colour I was expecting. I can’t see anything in the settings that would correct this so wondered if anyone has any ideas?



Hello Alex,

You can set inner box color with custom css code below:

.roll-team .team-inner {
    background-color: rgb(107, 140, 0);

Apply the code with this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-custom-css/

After this you will still have white background of employee image, and in order to remove it you will have to upload images in .png format with transparent background.

Best Regards!