Employees awesome icon

In the Widget of employees in the icons of social networks the icon of awesome appears blank, because they placed the fa class instead of fab example:<li> <a class = "facebook" href = "<? Php echo esc_url ( $ facebook);?> "target =" _ blank "> <i class =" fa fa-facebook "> </i> </a> </li>

Try to correct it in the widgets / fp-employees.php file without having a positive response! What file or function controls that action?

Hello there,

We don’t use class name to display social icons. We use CSS code instead, which is defined in the main theme’s style. You may want to read the documentation for this.

    .social-menu-widget a[href*="facebook.com"]::before {
    	content: '\f09a';

Probably one of your active plugins load another version of FontAwesome script that affects FontAwesome CSS on the theme.

Please provide us a link to your website to allow us checking it directly.

aThemes Support