Employee Widget

I have the Pro version so I should be able to change the single employee view to a full page but the customizer is not changing the page

Also surprised that the title and the featured image is not showing. Here is a link to a page.


Hope you can tell me what I am doing wrong.

I just checked to be sure and it’s working fine on my end. Could you recheck your settings please, you might have checked the wrong checkboxes.

No - I think my problem was that I changed the name to “management” through the types widget - and then noticed that the customerizer only referrers to employees. So I changed it back - and the custoomerizer for employees is not working.

Should I re-install the theme?

Sorry for the delay, somehow I missed your reply.
Not really sure exactly what you did, but re-installing the theme won’t help as I assume you have not changed any code. What you need to do is re-import the settings file and overwrite the stuff you already have - that will not cause any loss of data.