Employee Widget Spacing

Hey Team. How do I space the employee posts better?

I only have one “employee” so far. When I posted the page it seems to be heavily padded and narrow. There should be room for 2 maybe 3 employees in a row but the first one is so narrow I would fit 8. How do I space the employee posts better?


Thanks for your help. J

Hello there,

You can use the below CSS code to enlarge the employee item box.

.employee-area .employee {
    width: 48%;

You can adjust the value accordingly.


Thank you Kharis. I’m adding to my notes. You should publish a book. I appreciate you. J

Hey Kharis.

 I hope you are doing well.  <strong>I am having an ongoing problem... the <em>Roman Runaround</em>.</strong>  Everything you or almost anyone else at aThemes answers a question it is on the mark and perfect.  I Have started on ongoing note where I keep your thoughts, recommendations and CSS on various subjects.  It has truly helped me to learn and be better.  I tank you for this.

 Every single time Roman chooses to respond to a question, aster the usual 24 hours wait, he rewords the question and asked it back to me.  No matter how may times I reply it happens again and again.  I have never received a response from him that lead to resolution.  Not one time.  

 The last few days I have simply marked a question "Resolved" and then risked in a new post, hoping to win at <em>Help Desk Roulette</em> (where you call the help desk again and again, in hopes of getting someone who knows what they are doing).

Is there a better way of posting for help without getting the Roman Runaround? I really need column help on small screens. I’m top or close to the top 2 in Perth Pro.

Thank for any help Kharis.  J