Employee social adds + Row #ID

Is there any way I can add Instagram and Pinterest to the social buttons on the employee roll-over on the homepage of Sydney, please?
I’m also trying to create a custom link menu bar which jumps to the relevant row on the homepage. Have tried creating anchors to no avail. Is there a way of finding out the ID of a row?
Thanks in advance. Hope this is finally the right place to ask…

Forgot to say have downloaded the plugin ‘ShowID for Post/Page/Category/Tag/Comment’ but it doesn’t help me with rows

There is an easy way to add those icons with a bit of custom CSS, but you’ll have to give up on two other buttons. I see you’re only using Twitter atm so I guess that’s not a problem? Add your links please and I’ll give you the code after that.

Chrome Dev Tools is what you would need to get the IDs. At the moment your IDs are #pg-268-0 to #pg-268-3 in this order.

By add your links I mean add Pinterest and Instagram in the fields for FB and Gplus.

Yes, I don’t need G+ or FB particularly. I tried changing the php but I’m guessing the CSS would need changing too? Or is there a more simple fix?

You can change it only with CSS. Changing with PHP in an update-proof way would be complicated. Add the links please.

Thanks - I’ve added Pinterest links to the FB field and Instagram to the G+ field.
Ive got a Simple CSS plugin too…

Cool, add this please:

.team-social .fa-facebook::before {
  content: '\f231';
.team-social .fa-google-plus::before {
  content: '\f16d';

totally brill, thank you!

Hi Vlad, I am trying to add a Linkedin icon in place of the google plus icon, i followed the instructions on another thread to just change the icon from fa-google-plus to fa-linkedin but it only brought up an empty circle, no linkedin icon inside it. Are you able to help me with this?
Thank you.

my website is: https://corerisksolutions.com.au