Employee Slug Issue on Mobile Devices



I’ve used the employee section from the Sydney theme extensively in my website, using the slugs to denote between different groups of ‘employees’ that I want displayed on different pages.

This seems to work fine when viewing the website on a computer. However when using a mobile device, both android and iOS, the employee sections are mixed up and feature on the wrong pages.

My website is www.ski-rusutsu.com.

Many thanks in advance.


Hello there,

I am sorry to hear the trouble you have having. I noticed that you are still running the older version of Sydney. I am curious whether updating to the latest one would fix the trouble.



Hi Kharis,

Thank you for your response! I updated to the new version and seems to have fixed the issue on the majority of the pages. However there is still an issue with http://www.ski-rusutsu.com/pensions/

It is showing one correct line of ‘employees’ and two incorrect on my android device.

Any suggestions to complete the fix would be much appreciated.

Thank you for your help


Hello there,

Please take a screenshot where the issue is being displayed. Upload it to the free file hosting service like Google Drive, Dropbox or cloudup.com