Employee pictures

Is there a way to remove the box that comes over the pictures when you hover over them?

Yeah, I want the same.

I don’t know that answer, butI have a related question.

IS there a recommended size for employee pictures? I am struggling with getting to the employee widget to look and act like the demo site? (see: shogrenconsulting.com)

It not that. svetagmu want to say when you have done the employers i go to my web… if you put the mouse on the employer, the opcion in css :hover show a box with the red color (not really red but similar) with all the text.
I want remove that opcion.

Sorry - second question…

How do I get the employee photos to be shown by the widget on the front page? It does not show the photos I want to show. The theme has picked a random image from my media library. It is not displaying the photo’s I have selected when I created a brief employee profile using the Employee “tool.”

Do I need to add short codes to the employee post? I have two profiles for myself under employees - a short post to use on the front page and a longer post to link to for a more detailed background on myself and members of our team.

All help is appreciated.

The boxes can be hidden by using this in a custom CSS plugin:

.team-pop {
  display: none;

@swshogren: images used in the demo are 400x400.
The theme doesn’t pick up random images, it uses the featured images you’ve set for your employees.

Thanks Vlad… I’m not too web savvy, so where do i use input the CSS code?

also, Vlad, on the employee page, is there a way to remove the “posted on ###, by who and the category” from underneath their name?

I figured out the post meta… just need help with the CSS


@svetagmu: You simply need to install any custom CSS plugin you want and add the code in the space it provides.

Thanks! it worked