Employee Photo Dimensions


What are the largest pixel dimensions the file for an employee photo can be?


It goes to a max. of 392x259 on screen widths below 500px (when it switches to a single column), if that is what you’re asking.


Thank you for the speedy reply. It answers the question perfectly. I understand the width dimensions in ref to the maximum with of a mobile device, but what about length?
I am trying to repurpose the “employees” layout to an 1,2,3 step instructional page, where the support informational graphics take the place of the employee photos and the copy below remains the same as support.
Thanks for your help.


If by length you mean height of the photo that’s on auto. It just scales down (or up) along with the width to maintain the ratio. So it basically depends on your image.


That makes a big difference.
For instance, if I used a 392px (max width) wide x 600px height, on my mobile, it would still be 392x600?


If your mobile is wider than 392px, than yes, the image would be displayed as 392x600 if those are its natural sizes. If your screen is smaller, the image will scale down while keeping its aspect ratio.

I’m not sure what the issue is here? This is normal image behaviour.
Basically, it goes like this:

img {
   max-width: 100%;
   height: auto;


No issues.I am just inquiring about the perimeters that I am working within. If I am going to create an illustration, I just want it to display the way intended.
Thank you for helping me with this.I can now move forward with next steps.
Beautiful theme.