Employee page?

Is it just me or if you make a page and title it EMPLOYEES and have it as www.yourwebsite.com/employees

You can’t edit the page - only put in the syndey employee widget?

Is that correct? It’s the only way to also show all the employees on a single page. So there is no title or anything.

Is that a bug with this sydney plugin?

Sydney is a theme, not a plugin :slight_smile:

yoursite.com/employees will always show the archive for Employees. You just need to change the url for your employees page to something else.

Haha sorry I misspoke. But okay that means I can’t add an image header and title with any other plugins, correct?

No worries. Thanks Vlad!!

Also I wanted to reply to some other posts but I wasn’t logged in. Some people are really unappreciative of your help and they should go away.