Employee only shows 3 max

Hi. I am using the employee feature and even though I set it to show 5 employees it only shows 3. It doesnt matter how small I make the images or how I set the theme (full width, stretch full width) it wil only show 3 employees. I need to show 5, any ideas how I can make this happen? Here is my link:


Also, How do we make the red overlay match the image size?

Thank You


Not sure I follow, it’s a carousel, the other employees are there too.
Use bigger images, like 400x400 for the overlay thing.

I have 5 directors. In the employee section it says use -1 to show all employees, I did and it only shows 3. I put the number 5 in and it still shows 3. The carousel has no arrows or any way of letting people know that there are more pictures other than the tine circles underneath which no one knows that your supposed to click on them. People are waiting for it to schroll and when it doesnt they just move on. Can we make the carousel scroll or maybe replace the circles with apposing arrows so people know what to do or what to expect? Is there a way to show the 5 employees on the page like it says it should?

Thank You

show the 5 employees on the page like it says it should
How is it not working like it says it should? The employees widget works in a carousel, it won't display them all at the same time.
People are waiting for it to schroll
If they wait for it to scroll then they realize it's a carousel. Only way they could realize that is if they see the circles - which they'll click.

I guess we could make the carousel autoplay in the next update, though I’m confident that users have no problem in figuring out that they need to click the circles to scroll.

Very misleading. Because it says show 5 you expect to see five, not 3 and scroll to see the other two.

Also, if there is nothing to tell them to click why would they think they need to? If you look at most websites that use sliders that automatically scroll you will see those little circles but on galleries where the user has to click manually you normally see arrows indicating forward or backward, not circles.

Alot of people have been questioning it thats why I have inquired.

Thank You.

Okay, thank you for your feedback. I’ll make a note to make the carousel autoplay and state in the widget instructions that more than 3 employees are displayed in a carousel.