Employee images blurry on mobile devices

I’ve been having a lot of issues with this theme regarding optimizing my images to display on retina screens. My solution so far has been to upload all the images used on my site 2 times larger than needed and setting the width and height of each image to be 50%.

This has worked thus far until I’ve been trying to do this with the employee photos. Since I can’t specify a class on each employees featured image this approach isn’t working. What would be my best solution? I even looked at the Perth demo theme on my phone and the employee images on that are blurry as well.

Problem solved, I ended up having to download a Team Display plugin that supports retina display. However, after messing with simply adding images to the site I’ve realized that this theme doesn’t support retina display at all. Any JPG I add to my site will be blurry on a retina display unless specifying custom css to each image.

This is a huge issue and hopefully it is a known issue that can be resolved at some point.