Employee image size and arrow cotrol swipe


I need some help.

I have some questions:

1- How can I manage by separate the image that I set in the employee’s page with that I see in the page perse?. Because in the carousel of employees I need to use an image with a specific size for the external view and then when I click on the image it tooks me to the employee’s profile page and the image that I see here it’s the same that I saw in the carousel.

2- If the question before has not solution, how could I change the image size box from the employees carousel?. In order to use an image a little more big. Because in the Sydney example theme the image of the employee section is bigger than that I have in my theme.

3- Beside to the dot control that lets move the employees carousel, how could I add another control with arrows in order to make more intuitive for the user?


If you need to check my web this is the url: www.lst.tfo.upm.es


Hello @ebosques,

1 and 3. I don’t think that there are easy solutions.

2. Please try to use larger square images.

Kind Regards, Roman.