Employee details not showing on employee widget

I chose Widget B to have all employees on one page but nothing from each Employee’s listing is visible except for their name, title, and featured image. How would viewers get to see the biographies of the employees?

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To display the employee bio/description on employee widget, you should edit the widgets/fp-employees.php file. Then find this line:

<div class="pos"><?php echo esc_html($position); ?></div>

and add this code after it.

<div><?php the_content(); ?></div>

Save changes then update.


Like this?

<div class=“name”><?php the_title(); ?></div>
<div class=“pos”><?php echo esc_html($position); ?></div>
<div><?php the_content(); ?></div>

I did this change, saved, and reloaded the employee page and still only see the grid of employees. Nothing is clickable to open any employee and see their bios.

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Trying to undo a change I made on the employee php a few weeks ago, I’ve sent my employee page format flying in all directions.

I originally modified the php because I wanted the bio to show underneath, but instead it started showing the bio both underneath and over the photo when hovering.
So I have now reduced the amount of text for each bio to make sure that it fits on the photo, and I now want to remove the bio that shows underneath the photo, because it looks silly to have a bio in both places.
So I did the reverse of the instructions that are on your post above, but Wordpress is not happy at all with what I’ve done. Can you help please??

Your post said: to make bio appear add this <div><?php the_content(); ?></div> after this
<div class=“pos”><?php echo esc_html($position); ?></div>

So I removed <div><?php the_content(); ?></div> from my php file.

I now have this on my employee php file (I’m posting the surrounding code too, Just in case it’s relevant):
<?php endif; ?>
<div class=“pos”><?php echo esc_html($position); ?></div>
</div><!-- /.team-item -->

		&lt;?php endwhile; ?&gt;

Which seems to me to be what you said. But it has all unformatted my employees. And even when putting back the text that I removed, I make it even worse!

I’d rather have a bio on the photo and below the photo than have no bio at all, and certainly than to have it look like it does now!

Here’s a link to the page:

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Hello - This does work to display the employee information, but what if I want it to display on roll-over of the image? Right now a red box is displayed (with Employee Widget Type B), and I want the bio in the red box?

Thanks in advance!