Employee custom link not working

My employees custom links aren’t working. Even the one imported from the demo is not (Chris Donovan). Any hint?

Are you sure they’re set from inside when you click to edit your employee?
As a general rule, if you have an issue specific to your site you should post a link so we can help you faster.

Yes, they’re set from inside in the “Custom link - Add a link here if you want the employee name to link somewhere.” field.

I’m sorry, the website is offline while we are working on it. Anyway I could send you a username and password?

Yeap: vlad[at]athemes.com
Also let me know please if you made any code changes.

Done! :slight_smile:

And I didn’t make any code changes yet!

I can’t seem to be able to activate the account on your site. Is your site lscranberry?

Yes, it is!

Well, send me an account directly please. I just get a white screen when I click on the activate link I got.

I have found the problem, but now I need help to solve it!

If I add an image to my employee, then the link works. Seems like when there is no image, the link is hidden behind the hover box.

Does that makes any sens? How can I fix that?

The point for that widget is to use images, but if you really want to use it without you can add this in a custom CSS plugin or child theme and it will bring the link to the top:

.roll-team .team-content {
  z-index: 999;
  position: relative;

Please remember to delete the account you made for me.

Works like a charm!

Thank you! :slight_smile: