Embedding youtube video in Sydney

Hi all,
I have embedded a youtube video into my wordpress site (using Sydney).

However, as soon as the video has finished, I get multiple windows open with other youtube videos
Note: I get the same thing when I try and click to my social media icon for youtube.

How can I just have the one video shown all the time? Not anything else? also can I loop this video to play again and again.

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Hello there,

That’s really out of our control for video hosting services have their own features. I am sorry, nothing we can do. It’s not theme territory. You should contact the support team of the video hosting service you’re using.

Probably this plugin could help.


If you view the code for the video you should find, towards the end “rel=1” change the 1 to 0 and save

thanks for the reply.
I am a complete beginner, so please could you give me some step by step instructions on how to do this.
Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately I was thinking of what I do in a different situation. I have just tried this out in Wordpress using the editor and it does not work.
I have, however, used the plugin called Elementor which is an editor and it does allow you to add a YouTube video and have the option not to have suggested videos.
When you say you get multiple windows open with other youtube videos I am assuming you get the scene where YouTube ‘offers’ 12 possible videos in the space where your choice was showing in the same way that it happens in YouTube itself.
Elementor also has an option to loop the video

Yes that is exactly what I mean. It plays the you tube video then offers 12 possible (unrelated) videos to choose from.
I will try Elementor.
Thanks for your help and advice.
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