Embedded media and pictures not showing in categories


I love the Moesia theme, but I have one problem, here’s how it looks:

  • I create a post, put an embedded youtube player or a picture in it, publish the post
  • I click on the category containing the post
  • I see the post being there, and I see everything I’ve written in there, but I cant see the youtube player nor the picture. When I click on the post, everything is how it’s supposed to be.

I know that there is an option that chooses if the full post sholud be visible, and in some of your other themes it works perfectly, but in this one it doesn’t.


Hello Szymon,

Moesia theme have different post formats, and video is one of them, but embedding video to post content will not show video on blog or category page. Featured image will be shown instead. So make sure that featured image is set, and unfortunately there is no option for showing embedded videos on blog or any type of category pages.

All the Best!