Email Subscription Error


The issue is when a user subscribes to my website,, every function works except the user is redirected to a page that is constantly loading.

I have worked with Jetpack already and they told me to contact the developer so that is what I am doing. I will forward what they told me below:

"It looks like something in your theme is not able to parse our success message. What happens when you subscribe and hit “submit”, the success message is loaded by appending the current url with ?subscribe=success#blog_subscription-XX where the XX represents the widget ID number and takes you to that spot on the page where the widget is displayed. The exact widget ID number will be different based up on your individual site - the example I tested had it as ?subscribe=success#blog_subscription-13 and on your site it’s using 6 as the ID.

Just to test out, I loaded that modifier on one of your posts:

And the success message loads just fine on that page, so it looks like the error is only happening on your homepage with whatever is controlling that slider/rotating graphic on your homepage."

Please help, thanks


Can you disable the carousel module from Jetpack a bit please?

Awesome! It works now, thank you