Email sent to returs errors



I purchased yesterday the Moesia Pro theme for $30.00 and I also paid the extra $19.00 for the installation option.

On the web receipt, it requests to create a temporary administrator with password and send it to so that you can do the installation on my server.

I sent three emails in the past 18 hours using different email accounts in two instances and the email returns with errors. I tried html and plain text emails with the same results.

Please help!



We received only the account yesterday and I also emailed you yesterday at hugo[at] Did you not receive it?

Anyway, what I asked you in the mail is if you also want me to import demo content for you, or just install the theme?


Alright, I installed the theme and made the necessary settings for your front page. Now you only need to let me know if you want me to also import the demo content from our demo, so you can edit it and create your own.


Now the demo content is imported too, I just now saw your request on the customization form. Feel free to email me at vlad[at] if there’s anything.