Eliminate the zoomIn function/icon

Hi there,
thanks for this very nice template.

Could you please give me some advice regarding the following :
– How can I elimiate the zoomIn funktion in the project-page?

– Is it possible to eliminate the decoration of the titles? And if so, how? (I am setting the decoration-color same as the background-color. That works fine as long as I don’t set a background-picture XD )

– I’d like to eliminate the titles: “project name” and “project description” in the linked project-pages (since it is going to be a german site)

Thank you very much,


  • You’ll have to remove it from fp-projects.php
  • Add this to a custom CSS plugin or child theme:

section .widget-title:after {
   border: 0;

  • You can simply translate them, the theme is fully translatable and it provides a .pot file

Thank you very much, Vlad.