Elementor does not work with Blog

Hello, I’m having the following problem. I try to enter the blog with elementor to edit and an error appears. ‘Preview Could Not Be Loaded’. I have already tried the Elementor tutorial for this error and had no results. I also tried active safe mode and nothing. This error appears only when I try to edit the Blog. Home is working with Elementor. This is the tutorial that Elementor has, but it didn’t work for me. https://docs.elementor.com/article/481-safe-mode-didnt-solve-the-problem?utm_source=safe-mode&utm_medium=wp-dash&utm_campaign=learn

This is the problem site:

Could you help me, please ?

Hello there,

That is normal and not considered as an issue either with theme or Elementor.

Because the page that is assigned for posts page removes its content as list of blog posts alter it. Any content editor on the page body will be ignored.

If you wish to have a specific page composed with Elementor to show some posts, you should create a separate page.

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