Effect not reversed after CSS being removed

I was trying out different CSS to customized the header and footer, however I can’t seem to reverse some of the results after the CSS being removed. For example, now my footer bottom is very narrow. Any idea to fix it? or what did i do wrong?

Thanks for the help!

Hello there,

Do you have a link to your site, so I can have a look?



right now my site is on maintenance mode so it won’t show. And now the header menu is messed up. Menu is in the middle but not inline with the logo, even if I choose inline rather than the center. and menu is below the level of logo. I deleted all the CSS but still it won’t go back to what it was.

Originally i was just trying to change the height of the area since it was too tall. I also don’t like the overlapping since the menu won’t show well on some slides.

Also the customized call button I created for each slide were also gone.

Can you help?