Editor page freezes while loading


Firstly, my hosting provider believes this issue is caused by my page builder, “Page Builder by Site Origin”.

However, I wanted to run it by you guys to get your thoughts…

2 days ago, when I went to the page editor for one of my pages, the page was loading, then seemed to load all of the content properly, but the little “loading” circle on the tab kept spinning.
The page completely froze and I could not click on anything in that tab…

It has been that way for 2 days now since it first started.

Is this issue being caused by Page Builder?

All of my other page editors work fine.

Also, is there a chance that updating my theme (Sydney Pro) would fix the issue?

I have submitted a ticket in the Site Origin Wordpress.org support forums, and still waiting for a reply.



Dear Zach,

Thank you for letting us know about it.

  • Could you confirm if this issue also happens with the default WordPress theme?
  • What will happen if you try temporary disabling the all non-required plugins one by one?


Thanks Kharis,

  1. If I changed themes, wouldn’t I lose all my work with the Sydney Pro theme?

  2. If I disable plugins, such as the Page Builder plugin, would I also lose all the work done with those plugins? Or no?
    Would I be able to enable them again and have everything just like it was before I disabled them?

Thanks man!

Dear Zack,

> 1.

Your work would remain

> 2.

No. Once you enable them again, everything you have done would remain as well.


Hi Kharis,

I switched to the default Wordpress theme “Twenty Fifteen” and this same issue happened for the same page.

Also… I deactivated ALL of my plugins, yet while ALL were deactivated at the same time, the issue still happened:
I clicked on “edit” for this specific page (it didn’t happen for other pages), and it froze while loading (seemingly was stuck loading forever).

Very strange issue… I am still awaiting a reply in the Wordpress.org forums.

For now, I am going to move on and make a new page to take its place.

However, any other suggestions you may have would be welcomed.


Dear Zach,

Thank you for updating me.

Could you please give me a temporary access to your site admin area so I can have closer look?

Please send the login credentials to my email kharisblank at gmail dotcom with the link to this topic.


Ok, Kharis.

I sent an email to you!


Actually, there is no need to worry about this issue anymore.

I had the same issue when I copied and pasted the same content from microsoft word.
This included weird tables and objects.

However, when I copied and pasted only the text, I was able to make a page completely without having the issue.

I am going to delete your user account, BUT I really appreciate all your help on this!