Editing default layout not working

Hi. Ive installed one of your default layouts onto the homepage of my website (ncr-pads.co.uk) and im struggling to edit it. Whenever I click edit on one of the widgets the page goes white and displays the date and time and doesn’t let me edit the information on the widget.how do I fix this? also how do I remove the page title and get the top of the layout (in this case the taxi image) to start at the top of the page and remove the white space where the page title is? Many Thanks

I’ve managed to edit the theme it was another plugin causing a conflict so now all I want to do is remove the page title from this page and make the image start just below the menu bar instead of there being so much white space. thanks


As checked, seems likely you would only need to enable Front Page template on that page.

The setting is available under the Page Attributes on page editing panel.

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