Editing ‘Click to Donate’ Button on Home Page


I need help editing the attached link/hyperlink on our websites ‘Click to Donate’ button, which is located on our homepage (http://www.sanaalathanfoundation.org). I can not find out where in WordPress to edit this button so it directs to another url. Does anyone have any idea?

If this button is not editable, I would like to replace it with a ‘MaxButtons’ WordPress login, which I also have used on the ‘About Us’ page.

Thank you for any help!

Hello @bwarehime12,

I have already answered in this topic:

Please let’s continue there.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hello there,

I’ve replied it already on your ticket posted on WP.org community support forum on here. Let’s continue the discussion over there.


Roman, these are two separate topics if we can keep it here.

Kharis, I answered you in WP.org support.

Please someone help.

Hello @bwarehime12,

I answered in the topic that I mentioned above.

Kind Regards, Roman.