Edit projects thumbnail hover effects?


As it currently is, when I hover over a project thumbnail, I get 2 links. One to open the corresponding project page and the other to open the gallery.

I really like the hover effect of it, but I dont need the magnifiing link to open the gallery, instead I want the link or another icon/text to animate in to the middle of the thumbnail, when hovered over. Basically I just want to make an image button to a corresponding page, and I like the layout of how projects are set up.

Is there a way to do that?

Else I thought of making a text widget an adding some custom html, make some custom img links. However to get a custom animations for the hovering effects, I need to add a stylesheet. Where do I do that?

If I add it to the header.php part, iw will just disappear next time I update the theme. The stylesheet Im talking about is this: hover.css stylesheet

Thanks in advance


So you basically want to hide the magnifying icon and center the link icon?

Yup =) that was the idea.

well just a button kind of to another page. But since the thumbnail is allready a picture, I dont need to magnify it.

This should help:

.pp-icon {
     display: none;
.project-image:hover > .link-icon {
     left: 40%;

Thanks a lot Vlad that really helped! :wink:

Now I have a another question. -.-# =)

Is it possible to deactivate a page, which links to underpages?

Lets say I have my menu,

And I want my “ydelser” (“services” in danish) tab not beeing clickable? But more a sort of a title, so when people mouse over they see the two underpages, but they cant click the “ydelser” itself… ? Is that like some main functionality I have missed within wordpress, or is it some kind of custom solutions which need tweeking?

Sure, it has nothing to do with the theme do. Add your link in the menu, remove the http:// and add the subpages. And that’s it.