Edit pre-coded animations after importing blocks

Hi How do I edit pre-coded animations after important the xml files to my types plugin? I tried editing them in CSS Custom Editor but the theme is overriding it. Is there any way I can change the animation from bounce in (similar to the demo) to a fadeInDown? Worse comes to worse, would I have to manually short code everything?

Hi, animations are coded into widget-template files (theme folder > widgets). If you for example open fp-projects.php file, search for wow.

wow is for revealing animation on scroll.

animate.css is for animations. You should replace animation name after wow in every file where you want different animation.

example for fp-projects.php title animation:
<span class="wow bounce">
<span class="wow fadeInDown">

Sorry, I don’t think there is better way at the moment.

Have a similar question. Is it possible to disable wow animation? I want my page to load everything at the same time so the scrolling is smoother

Hi, Appearance > Customise > General > Check this box if you want to disable the animations. :slight_smile:

Oh, I missed that :slight_smile: thanks!

Purchasing the Pro version now since it suits me perfectly!