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With regards to mobile, I’m trying to edit my website’s (yourvisa.ca) menu to look more like this: globallegacyboxing.com

Is this possible?

Best Regards

Hello there,

There is no an option to do that through the Sydney Pro theme’s options, I am afraid. Doing that requires a bit complex additional CSS/jQuery coding. Since it goes beyond our support service we can offer to our customers, it prevents me to suggest the working code solution here. However, there are some plugins out there which might help you to achieve this easily. Please try one of these plugins:


Can anyone help me? I cannot edit my theme at all. It just disappears and brings me back to my home page

I recently purchased Sydney Pro.
The menu disappears with small screens, and I could not find anyway to display it. That affects also its display in mobile devices.
Is there no way to display the menu in small screens in your Pro version? i find extremely inconvenient that no menu is displayed.
thanks in advance

Hello @sofiaparro,

Please share your site link here, so I can take a closer look. So I can suggest you the possible solution.


Hello @Karish


Many thanks!

Hi Karish,
From the demo I understand it should be possible to have the responsive menu when the screen becomes smaller:

Hello @Jesus,

It should be displaying be default. If it isn’t on yours, it might be due to your header bar background color is light; You might need to add this CSS code to against it.

.btn-menu {
  color: #ff0000;

If it doesn’t help, please share the link to your site here.


Hi Sofia,

Your mobile menu is displaying properly here on my phone as seen on the below screenshot.


What browser are you using?


Hi @Kharis,
Please ignore my request. The mobile menu icon had the same color than the header and could not be seen.
Everything fine :-). Sorry.

Great, Jesus!

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.


Hello Kharis,

I know it’s there, that’s not my issue! My issue is : I cannot edit my theme.

Hi Sofia,

There might be some other scripts from one of you active plugins which blocks it. To verify, please try temporarily disabling all your active plugins at once except Page Builder and Sydney Toolbox. See if this resolves the problem. If does, reactivate them one by one to narrow down where the problem comes from.