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How do I edit the menu adjacent to the slide which displays “Kids clothing, sports, books, jewelry, and accessories”? I believe I’ve searched virtually everywhere on my dashboard?


Firstly you have to create new menu from appearance > menus. and then you have to have to activate those menu from customize > Menu


How do I get icons next to the menu items(as with the default theme)? Clearly categories on the menu settings are referring to POST categories and not Woo Product categories :frowning: ??

Is there CSS code to remove that menu or an alternative way through the dashboard?

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So you want to remove the menu next to the slider? you can remove it from customize > header area > slide menu



You can add icons to menu items in wp-admin / Appearance / Menus - add this code to Navigation Label after or before the Menu item name ( make sure to leave a space to don’t have it stacked ):

<i class="fa fa-money"></i>

The icon name you can set in the above code, I have used “fa-money”, just for example, the full list of icons you can find here: https://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/

Yes, the Categories in Menu Settings are referring to Post Categories, but you can link Product Categories using Custom Links.

Can you please clarify which menu you want to remove?

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Hi, how can i show the top and side menu with this theme, i had try everything but i can’t do it.
I dont want show the menus with the bottons.
Can you help me?

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If you want to show Side menu, just create a new menu in wp-admin / Appearance / Menus and assign it to Side Menu ( check it’s check-box ), so the menu created by you will show up in the side menu ( in left of the slider ) or you can use your primary menu as Side Menu too, so the primary menu and side menu to be the same, I just think you want separate menus, that’s why I suggested to create a new menu for it ).

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i DID yours steps but dont work.



Maybe I haven’t understood your question correctly, you want to modify the menu in left of the slider? My solution have not worked for that? Please let me know and if that’s not what you want to achieve, then please clarify what you want to achieve.

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