Edit header-slider max height

Hi, and thanks for always being so helpful!

Is it possible to customize the native header slider so that it is always something like 75-85% of the total height of the front page no matter what size screen or device on which you load the site? My purpose is to always show part of the row below the header slider when the front page loads.


Thank you!



Something like this would do it, though it might not work well across all browsers:

.header-slider {
      height: 85vh !important;

Thank you, Vlad, worked perfectly…

RE: older browsers and mobile devices- should I set some kind of fallbacks (in JS?) to step in when the correct dimensions are not recognized?

Thanks again, really appreciate your guidance.


It would be too complicated as you would need to first detect if that specific browser supports viewport relative units and after that set the fallback. The only real concern is with devices running the older iOS 7 - although they claim support for it, it’s pretty much bugged.

Got it. Thank you… consider this one perfectly resolved as usual.