Edit Header/Footer in Live Composer


I tried going through the steps listed on the following page in order to be able to edit my header and footer ing Live Composer: https://livecomposer.help/article/171-custom-header-footer-functionality-in-your-theme

Unfortunately it seems to not work for me.

I did the following:

  1. added “define( ‘DS_LIVE_COMPOSER_HF’, true );” and “define( ‘DS_LIVE_COMPOSER_HF_AUTO’, false );” after the existing code in functions.php
  2. added “echo dslc_hf_get_header();” after the existing code in header.php
  3. added “echo dslc_hf_get_footer();” after the existing code in footer.php.

I am not very skilled in coding and the explanation on the webpage was limited so I just tried the above. I hope you can help me out getting this to work. Unfortunately my website is build in localhost/xampp so I cannot show you what’s wrong.


What you’ve added seems fine. You’ll also have to create your footer/header templates and apply it.
Unfortunately, we can’t assist you much with this issue as it’s outside the scope of our forums.