Edit Footer | Ignis


I just installed Ignis, and I love it!
I’m trying to add a Copyright to the Footer “Powered by Wordpress…”

Could someone lead me to how to edit it?
I cannot find it in the Editor (stylesheet, and Theme Footer).



What you’re looking for is in /inc/functions/functions-footer.php. You should access it via FTP.

Hm. That’s not an option in the Templates lists (within Editor). Any other ideas?

I know, that’s why I suggested to access it with FTP or even with your cPanel. You should have an email from your host with the necessary credentials.

Thanks. No other way without involving my site admin, correct?
Thanks for your help!

Well if you’re able to locate that file it’s pretty easy to change.

Hi there, sorry to but in, but I have tried to do this too. I tried through appearance/editor/footer.php and through cpanel. There is no 'Powered by wordpress" to be changed or maybe Im missing something?


I missed something. all good now :slight_smile:

I’m in my C-Panel right now. Where do I go? I clicked on File Manager and it doesn’t have any folders with those names :frowning:


I’m trying to modify the “proudly powered by…” text and keep the social media icons. I copied the functions-footer.php text into a functions-footer.php file in my child theme (using a text editor). I tried editing the footer text that way, but nothing changes. Modifying the footer.php file removes the entire footer which is not what I want. Any advice?

I’ve found success with a plugin called ‘Remove Footer Credit’. Once installed, all you have to do is find the page source of the “proudly powered by…” and you can replace it with what you want via the plugin.

You can edit it directly from the WP dashboard. Go to Appearance>Editor. In the editor on the right theme columns, just go to inc>theme footer.