Edit/change call-to-action buttons on page


Hi, I’m trying to change the color of the buttons on my page as well as the text right above the button on the About Us section in the Quill theme.



Please post a link to your website, so I can give you a working Custom CSS to change the buttons and the text color above About Us section.

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Ok, thanks! Heres the link http://getthefacts.yaffahlove.com. Btw, I want every clickable button, including the menu to have white text, a border and hover color of #e3c122. And all text color that cant be edited I want white.


Also< i have the maintenance page turned on. If you will kindly notify me when you want to view the site I can disable the maintenance, thank you again!



Please deactivate the maintenance mode, so I can check your site, or if you don’t want to keep your maintenance mode off, the please send me a simple user access to your site in email to csaba . athemes @ gmail . com

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Maintenance mode is now deactivated. And, i would along with those other color changes, i would like to change those big L shaped brackets under the services section.22


Hey, I’m still waiting on that code, I’ve had maintenance deactivated all weekend. If you can, please reply so I can finish up my website. Thank you for your help.



Ok, can you, please clarify once more what changes you want to do, don’t just tell you want to change it, but let me know exactly how, on the buttons how I understood you want only the text of the buttons white, but menu button text is already white and also on some other areas, so I am a bit confused, please clarify it.

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Ok, no problem. Its in message # #799125, but i will re type it in case you cant get to that message.
I want every clickable button, including the menu to have white text, a border and hover color of #e3c122. And all text color that cant be edited I want white. And the big L shaped things in the services tab, I would like to make them yellow.


Here is a more detailed description.

  1. If you go to my page and look under the ‘OVERVIEW’ section, the words ‘want to see more?’ is in gray. I want it to be white.
  2. If you go to the ‘Services’ section, you will see that the L shaped things and the buttons are gray. I would like the L shaped thing to be #ec#e3c122. On the buttons, I would like the border color and the color when you hover over it, to be #e3c122. The text inside the button, i would like it to be white.
    ***The Home menu, I also would like the border color of the buttons and the color of the buttons when you hover over them to be #e3c122, and the text to be white.


if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.



Thank you for clarification, now I understand better what you want to achieve, please deactivate the maintenance mode, so I can access your site.

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Hi, I have a similar question about editing the Quill theme.

Is it possible to add additional call-to-action buttons and to have them show up a little higher on my homepage?

I figured out how to remove the “overlay” on the front page, so I am not totally new at this but my knowledge and experience is still pretty limited.




Yes, since Quill is using Page Builder to build your pages you can add your Call to Actions anywhere in the page’s content and as many you want.

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Thanks for your quick response!

I activated page builder but I cannot see how to edit my homepage/header via pages or the customizer.

Here is a screenshot of our site:

We’d like the 2 CTA buttons (Where to find the love | Wholesale Inquiries) to be positioned higher up on the screen (right below the logo once we add it).

Can you gie me some more specific guidance on how to do this if possible?

Thank you.



Please click “Edit Page” from the toolbar, then when you are in the editor mode, please click on the “Page Builder” tab, the tab should be after Visual / Text Editor.

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