Easiest plugin or easiest way to make my Sydney site a multi language website?

I tried to use Polylang plugin and it disabled my front page slider right after I added languages.

Is there anyone who have successfully made their website a multi language website?

Would also be interested in an answer! I want to make my site also a multilanguage site.

Polylang works fine. It’s tested and we also have the slider strings registered and ready for Polylang use. I’ll have to do a tutorial one of these days.

Are there some settings i would have to change? I have the same problem that the static frontpage does not work with the plugin.

As far as I remember you just need to copy your front page with that + button that the plugin provides on the Edit Page screen and assign it to the language you need. I don’t use it personally so I don’t know much about it, but I know I tried it at some point and it worked.

Hi jn,

I am using WPML with Sydney: it works amazingly fine and gives you full control over your languages. Also, it supports a lot of other plugins and let’s you translate abouth anything you need!

Polylang works really nice - but how can I translate text in the slider? It is visible for the two languages I configured - but I can’t find the position where I can change the slider text.

Any advice?
Thank you!