Dynamic content not pulling through Elementor


I’m having a few problems using Elementor Pro with Sydney.

  1. I can’t use the preview (from the little eye) to capture dynamic content by choosing a post. “The results cannot be found”

  2. Using the ‘posts’ widget, images are displaying, even though dynamic titles and text are coming through

  3. In some (but not all) of my actual posts, the title and text are not being retrieved.

I’ve asked Elementor to look into it and they had me contact my hosting provider to ask them to increase file limits (or something); they also upgraded my PHP version. They say they are getting a 404 ajax error:


This has taken over a week to resolve and obviously pulling dynamic content through Elementor in its various tools and widgets should be fairly straight forward. Any ideas what the problem could be??



Hello Janine,

Please try again with other web browser or update your web browser. To check if there’s an issue with Sydney, please try temporarily disable Sydney theme and switch to one of default WordPress theme. Then re-run your test.



I’ve already done all of those things.

It must be some other thing.