Duplicated site to new install and am having weird font issues due to Kirki Customizer Framework plugin

Hi there!

I cloned a site I was working on to another install. I made sure to update all plugins, I installed another license for elementor pro, everything should be good to go.

Except, the fonts I had chosen in my customizer on the previous site are now broken. I can go into customizer and set the head/body fonts to anything else and it works fine. But, if I change either of them back to the original font the other site had it reverts to like a Times New Roman or similar font.

If I deactivate the Kirki Customizer Framework plugin, the fonts change to what they should be but then I no longer have any options in the customizer for the theme. As soon as I reactivate, the fonts change back to the Times or whatever font that is.

I’m at a loss. Any thoughts on why the customizer plugin seems to be stuck for these fonts?

original site: groupxihealth.com
new site: groupxitechnologies.com

Thank you!

Hello there,

As checked, it seems likely the Google Font doesn’t properly load from your Kirki Customizer. Please reset the font settings and try again.

Hope this reply helps.

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aThemes Support

How can i reset the font settings? I changed the font to something else and it works. When I change it back to Bebas Neue it doesn’t work.

** Little more info. In the customizer preview, the fonts load correctly.

I was able to come up with a work around.

I installed WP Google Fonts and set the first and second options to the fonts I needed and this seems to have fixed the display of these fonts.

I do not consider this matter resolved as I would rather not have the extra plugin installed just to fix this issue.

Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon!

Any thoughts on this?

Thanks! :smiley: