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When looking at my SEO, I’m continuously being told I have dublicate title tags. I reached out to Yoast who sent me the following response.

Thanks for contacting the Yoast support team. We looked at your site https://incandescentskin.com and can confirm that you have multiple title that appears for the SVG social icons that are appearing on the right sidebar of your site. For your convenience, we have attached the relevant code here so that you can go through this for better understand.

Please note that this isn’t something specific to Yoast SEO but specific to your currently active theme. Therefore, you’ll need to reach out to the relevant theme support for further assistance on this.|||

They sent me code and I tried putting in CSS but I didn’t activate because there were 40 errors and I don’t know how to do code. Can you help me?

Here are a list of the errors for reference to my question. TIA.

Any ideas at all on how to fix this???

Hello, we try to answer within 24 hours.

It looks like you are using the Simple Social Icons plugin, please try to deactivate it and see if it helps.

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Archive pages do not provide much benefit at all in search engines:

  1. If they are a single author website, they will be the same content as your homepage/author page/archive page/category pages.

  2. As they are archives of existing content, none of the content is unique

I personally have them disabled, and it is common that other sites do as well, especially ones based on Wordpress

I find it is better to have a date based archive which you can then have indexed, as this provides a unique outlook. Mashable does this:

This is of course just a personal approach and avoids the duplicate title issue.

If you want to keep the archive pages for usability, but stop them appearing in search results, simply noindex those pages, Yoast can do that for you - you can also use Yoast to rename the page title to something different so the title is never a duplicate, so it physically adds “Page 2 of 50” or something in the title tag of the page.

Hello there,

Please check this thread that might be helping.


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It appears that solved the problem. Is there another avenue I can purse with using social icons in my site? TIA.


You can try to use default Astrid: Social Profile widget instead.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

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