Dropdown menu width

is there a way to increase the dropdown menu width?

Hello there,

Could you please be more specific? which dropdown that you want to increase the width? and please post the url or screenshot if possible.

my apologies for not being more specific.

I have a child Sydney theme. I have submenus that I wish to appear on one line rather than text wrap.

Any help would be kindly accepted.

with best regards,


…my apologies again. my site is www.euhcm.com…if you look under the menu ‘our services’ you will see that the children dropdowns are wrapped and I want them on one line.

with kind regards,


Hi Lawrence,

I’ve just checked your site and you have a lot of sub menus within your site, I am not sure if the current theme are supported to have much inline sub menus.

I’ve tried to made some custom css code for the inline sub menus, but I think its not recommended with your sub-menus.

But, maybe you can try to install plugins that might be can covered what you need. You can try Mega menu plugins or similar plugins then.