Dropdown menu styling + mobile struggle

Hi! I just added a dropdown menu to some of my menu options on www.nikkidekerf.nl (‘Fotoshoots’ in menu). The dropdown is working perfect on my pc/laptop, and on my phone it’s showing up if you click the +, but still you can click the main item ‘Fotoshoots’. I would really like to change that so that you can’t really click on the main item anymore, just only the three dropdown menu items. Is this possible?

Also, is there a way to set the border size to 0 (non-mobile)? I tried in CSS but I failed haha.


The parent menu will always be linked to a page and it will open that page when it is clicked on both mobile and desktop screen. Because it was made from a page menu type. You should change it to a Custom Link instead from menu editor under the Appearance menu > Menus.

When you choose a custom link, and to unlink it, you should put a # into the URL field. For example:

Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 05.42.50

I hope that helps.

aThemes Support